Muay Thai and Boxing may look violent, but doing these martial arts for fitness can be very beneficial for you. You will strengthen your muscles, improve your stamina, tone your body as well as learn self-defence (especially useful for ladies!). If you’re looking to lose weight, you’ve also come to the right place - in fact, Muay Thai and Boxing are the top sports for weight loss!

Next, AGE is just a number, fitness is the KEY. How you feel and live your life is more important, and our goal at Ghetto Fitness is to help you achieve your fitness goals and build your confidence. 

Stop making excuses and postponing your best life. Join us and revolutionise your body and life. It’s time to get fitter, stronger and more confident!



Terrence is no doubt one of the most humble trainers out there. He's highly skilled as a trainer as well as a fighter. He's very patient and will give advise accordingly to the students at different levels. Terrence is also a very good motivator, at times when you feel like giving up he would say positive words to spark you to continue on the exercise till the very end. Lastly, how tough the training may be, he would always take into consideration of everyone's fitness level and conduct every exercise safely.


—  Benjamin Lim


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