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Terrence Teo has been training in muay thai since 2011. Adding boxing into his training helps to enhance his muay thai skills. He has competed in sanshou sanda, muay thai, boxing, kickboxing and even karate.


Terrence joined Juggernaut Fight Club as an instructor in 2015 and soon decided to turn professional to challenge for the Johor Chief Minister championship belt on his debut. He won the belt by a second round KO to his opponent. 


In 2016, Terrence fought in the Singapore Fighting Championship 3 and attained the World Association Kickboxing Organisation middleweight championship belt with a first round KO by leg kicks. By winning his fight, he became the first national athlete for kickboxing in Singapore. 

Terrence is also the first Singaporean to ever win an Oceania kickboxing championship belt at the Arnold Classic Australia 2017.



  • Certified in Steel Mace Fundamentals

  • Awarded Title of National Coach by World Muay Boran Federation (W.M.B.F), World Muaythai Organisation (W,M.O) and Kru Muaythai Association (K.M.A)

  • Certified in Training Pregnant and Post Partum Clients 

  • BSc Sport and Exercise Science Edinburgh Napier University

  • Certified trainer under Amateur Muay Thai Association of Singapore and World Muay Thai Council

  • Silver in 3rd International and Thai Martial Arts Games and Festival 2018 (World Muay Thai Organisation)

  • World Association of Kickboxing Organization Oceania title holder at the Arnold Classic Australia 2017

  • Johor Sports Minister title holder at 3rd Johor Open Muay Thai Championship 2016​

  • Participated in Cheongju World Martial Arts Masterships 2016

  • Gold for kickboxing in World Association Kickboxing Organization Singapore event.

  • First national athlete for kickboxing in Singapore

  • World Association of Kickboxing Organization Singapore title holder at Singapore Fighting Championship 3 

  • Johor Chief Minister title holder at Johor Open Championship Series 2

  • Silver in boxing at Legends Fight Night 2

  • Gold in an inter gym competition at Singlanthong gym October series  


  • Gold in an inter gym competition at Singlanthong gym August series

  • Participated in a Singapore Kyokushin Karate Charity Tournament for Children’s Cancer Foundation 

  • Gold in Amateur Muay Thai Association of Singapore Nationals Qualifiers Series 1

  • Gold in Open Invitational Championships Volume 4 

  • Gold in the festival fight at Buriram, Thailand 

  • Gold in Open Invitational Championships Volume 3 

  • Gold in National Kung Fu Sanda Sanshou tournament



Ghetto Fitness is about doing fitness training at any location. Be it in the park, a gym or at the Community Centre. We can train Anytime, Anywhere!



Terrence is no doubt one of the most humble trainers out there. He's highly skilled as a trainer as well as a fighter. He's very patient and will give advise accordingly to the students at different levels. Terrence is also a very good motivator, at times when you feel like giving up he would say positive words to spark you to continue on the exercise till the very end. Lastly, how tough the training may be, he would always take into consideration of everyone's fitness level and conduct every exercise safely.


—  Benjamin Lim




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